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Ascendant NFM Updated!

Ascendant NFM has been updated to version 1.6. This update allows you to view all applications and websites users use on your network - without any software installations on the monitored computers needed.

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Ascendant Network Enforcer Released!

Ascendant announces the release of Network Enforcer. Network Enforcer is a revolutionary step forward in network endpoint security, allowing you to take control of user behaviors on your network and respond in realtime when users perform behaviors that are not allowed, as opposed to having to comb through tons of log data and react well after the event has transpired like you do with conventional monitoring software.

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Answers to common questions regarding our software licensing can be found here.

1. What is a license and how does it work?

A license is the permission to use our software to monitor a set number of computers. We sell licenses in tiers starting at 5 computers, and going up. A 5 computer license would allow you to monitor up to, but no more than 5 computers. If you need to monitor 10 computers, for instance, you would purchase the 'Up to 10 Computers' license. If you need monitoring for 12 computers you would purchase the 'Up to 20 Computers' license.

2. Can I get more licenses after purchasing my initial set?

Yes, please contact us so we can setup a license upgrade purchase for you.

3. Can I stop monitoring one computer and monitor another without violating my license?

Yes, you can cease monitoring of a computer to allow for monitoring of another. For instance, if you are monitoring 10 computers, but have 15 computers on your network and need to monitor one of the computers you are not already watching, you can cease the monitoring of one of the original 10 computers and start monitoring one of the other computers you need to watch.

4. Do licenses require yearly renewals?

Network Enforcer uses monthly and yearly service plans, Network File Monitor does not require any renewals - its license is for lifetime use.

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