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Ascendant NFM Updated!

Ascendant NFM has been updated to version 1.6. This update allows you to view all applications and websites users use on your network - without any software installations on the monitored computers needed.

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Ascendant Network Enforcer Released!

Ascendant announces the release of Network Enforcer. Network Enforcer is a revolutionary step forward in network endpoint security, allowing you to take control of user behaviors on your network and respond in realtime when users perform behaviors that are not allowed, as opposed to having to comb through tons of log data and react well after the event has transpired like you do with conventional monitoring software.

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Ascendant Security specializes in providing network security and asset protection. Operating with all network scales in mind, Ascendant develops solutions designed to secure assets and data on networks of all sizes - from small business networks to large-scale enterprises and institutions.

Ascendant Network Enforcer - Network Behavior Control
Supervise, restrict, respond to, and report unwanted network user behaviors in realtime without invading user privacy.

Ascendant Network Enforcer is a behavioral control system that allows you to dictate what actions should not be allowed on your network, and responds immediately if they do occur. Utilizing three levels of security that can be applied to all behavior and activity filters you create, Network Enforcer can be configured to alert you and lock a computer down immediately the instant a high security behavior filter is violated.

Supervises and watches for Unwanted Network Behaviors

Instead of focusing on trying to log everything users do and expecting you to find the bad behaviors in all the good, Network Enforcer watches for behaviors you tell it to, and then reacts immediately.

Restricts Unwanted Network Behaviors
Network Enforcer can block unwanted program activity, website visits, keystroke phrases from being typed, specific windows from being used, and popular chat clients as soon as they are used.

Respond Immediately to Unwanted Network Behaviors
Network Enforcer can respond immediately when a single high security behavior violation occurs, or it can wait until a handful of low security violations accumulate. Realtime alerts and lockdown responses allow you to take action immediately and protect your network, and assets.

Report Generation can present Unwanted Network Behavior Reports
Network Enforcer can generate various easy-to-read reports detailing all network behavior filter violations on your network. Reports can be generated per computer, for all computers, filtered by dates and keywords, and much more.


Ascendant NFM - Network File Monitoring
Centrally monitor all file, website, and application activity performed by users on your network.

Ascendant NFM is an extremely comprehensive and powerful network file monitoring tool that logs every file opening, creation, modification, and deletion on your network, as well as every application used and website visited.

Undetectable Centralized Monitoring

NFM can log all file usage, application usage, and website usage performed by every user on your network from a central location and allows you to view all activity without having to visit each computer. All monitoring is absolutely undetectable, leaving no log trails or traces on the monitored computer.

Requires NO Client Installations
NFM does not require a client program to be installed on each computer you want to monitor - only one installation is required, and that is on the computer you wish to monitor from.

File Archival and Asset Protection
In addition to logging every file creation, modification, and deletion on your network, NFM can be configured to archive specific files whenever they are changed and send email alerts when unauthorized file changes occur - allowing you to protect crucial network assets.

Extensive Reporting Features
NFM can generate a large amount of data so efficient reporting is a must. NFM can generate reports detailing the most active users and computers on your network, as well as the most used files used by users. Detailed logging reports for each computer can be generated as well.


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