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Revolutionary, first-of-its-kind network security software that allows you to supervise, monitor, restrict, and respond to unwanted user behaviors on your network in real-time as they occur.

From insecure keystroke phrases and email attachments, to inappropriate application, file, and website activity - Network Enforcer invisibly monitors, prevents, and controls unwanted network user behaviors in real-time without invading user privacy like traditional activity recording and monitoring tools, protecting your network security and assets.
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Supervise and Monitor Network User Behaviors
Silently monitor your network for unwanted behaviors you specify.
Click here to see Network Enforcer's Supervision capabilities in action!

Restrict Network User Behaviors Instantly

Stop unwanted user behaviors and actions from happening on your network, instantly. Click here to see Network Enforcer's Restriction capabilities in action!
Respond to Security Threats in Real-time
Be alerted and respond to high security threats immediately, while waiting for low security behaviors to accumulate before being notified and reacting.
Click here to see Network Enforcer's Real-time Response capabilities in action!
Report Creation Shows User Behaviors
Create overviews and detailed reports covering all filtered behaviors and network security threats on your network.

Controls, tracks, and blocks what behaviors should not occur on your network.

Reacts immediately in real-time to high network security threats, while waiting to react to low network security threats until they are repeated.

Avoids the need for complete activity recording and privacy invasion.

Saves time by tracking only the unauthorized user behaviors and network security violations on your network.

Saves money by keeping your network users on task and protecting assets and network security .

Rapid network installation deploys Network Enforcer to your network computers without having to physically install and configure.

As its name implies, Network Enforcer is a network behavior enforcement tool. Network Enforcer monitors, responds to, and prevents unwanted behaviors from happening on your network in real-time. Network Enforcer allows you to prevent and protect your network from inappropriate behavior, and malicious activities in real-time, the instant they occur. If an action occurs on your network that you do not want to happen Network Enforcer can alert you immediately, or it can act on its own and block the action outright.

Network Enforcer can monitor, filter, restrict, and respond to the following behaviors:

Programs Executed
Website Visits
File and Document Usage
Email Activities
Keystroke Phrases Typed
Windows Opened
Internet Connections

Network Enforcer solves the problems that come with traditional user activity monitoring and logging software:

Problem #1: The "needle in the haystack" - trying to find the "bad" in all the "good" activity logs
With Network Enforcer, you will never miss an unwanted behavior that has occurred on your network, while never having to sort through tons of log data to find them. You will never have to search countless logs for a few unwanted behaviors, and possibly overlook them in the process. You will never have to search for that "needle in the haystack" again when trying to find unwanted behaviors hiding within thousands of appropriate user behaviors that occur every day.

Problem #2: Privacy invasion - logging everything users do, good or not
With Network Enforcer, you will not have to worry about violating your network users' privacy, as Network Enforcer only logs behavior filter violations and behaviors that you are concerned with.

Problem #3: Passive security - does not allow you to react immediately high security threats and behaviors
Unlike conventional activity monitoring tools, Network Enforcer allows you to respond IMMEDIATELY to unwanted behaviors and security violations the instant they occur on your network. Would you rather find out a critical document has been leaked days after it happened, or immediately as the user is saving the file?

An example scenario of data theft, protected by conventional activity monitoring software:
An employee accesses a confidential finance report that should not be accessed and sees critical information. The user then closes the file and copies it to a thumb drive and leaves the scene. The network administrator logs in the next morning and views activity logs and luckily catches the event and takes appropriate action, but the damage is done.

The same scenario with Network Enforcer:
The employee opens the confidential finance report and triggers a high-security Network Enforcer behavior filter. The network administrator is alerted in real-time, and via email, the computer is then locked down automatically by Network Enforcer within moments of the user opening the file - without the administrator having to do a thing.

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