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Corporate Network and Asset Protection

Network Enforcer is the latest in endpoint network security technology that allows you to effectively, and efficiently protect your network from user behaviors and activities - whether they are malicious, accidental, or innocent. Network Enforcer allows you to watch over all common behaviors on your network and monitor for unwanted behaviors - such as a classified file being modified or copied onto a thumb drive, and can alert you immediately when such an event occurs. At the same time, Network Enforcer can tell you if an employee is consistently playing games during work hours, dragging down your business's productivity.

Network Enforcer is the only endpoint security software available that is capable of monitoring and reacting to all common behaviors users may perform in realtime, without having to rely on finding log data before a reaction can be made. Realtime event response is critical in securing your network and protecting your assets. Unlike conventional computer monitoring software tools, Network Enforcer does not violate user privacy - it only records actions related to behavior filters you specify. This allows you to efficiently see what users are doing on your network that they should not be doing, while saving you from the burdensome task of sifting through thousands of logs detailing perfectly acceptable user behaviors, hoping to find a few unwanted events.

An example scenario of data theft, protected by conventional activity monitoring software:
An employee accesses a confidential finance report that should not be accessed and sees critical information. The user then closes the file and copies it to a thumb drive and leaves the scene. The network administrator logs in the next morning and views activity logs and luckily catches the event and takes appropriate action, but the damage is done.

The same scenario with Network Enforcer:
The employee opens the confidential finance report and triggers a high-security Network Enforcer behavior filter. The network administrator is alerted in realtime, and via email, the computer is then locked down automatically by Network Enforcer within moments of the user opening the file - without the administrator having to do a thing.

User Behavioral Control.

Network Enforcer allows you to take control of what users do on your network, plain and simple. Acting as a supervisor standing behind each user on your network, Network Enforcer makes sure users stay on task by alerting them, and you the administrator, when they are doing things they should not be. If a user accesses a high security file they should not, Network Enforcer enforcer can react immediately and lock the computer down and alert you in realtime of what just transpired.

Network Enforcer is built with flexibility and scale in mind. While you may not want specific behaviors to be performed by anyone on your network (accessing multimedia sites, chat clients, playing games, for instance.), Network Enforcer's filters can be configured specifically on per-computer basis, in addition to the default global activity filters that affect all computers. This flexibility allows you to block different activities on a user-basis depending on what their job or tasks are. For instance, an accountant has access to specific payroll and financial files, but others outside of accounting should not, and filters can be configured to react to anyone outside of accounting accessing those files. If a troublesome employee is present, you can create additional filters that further restrict and monitor their activities.

Complete Activity Filtering and Blocking.

Network Enforcer can alert you in realtime so you can react appropriately when needed. In addition to Network Enforcer's realtime alerting capabilities, it can also block and restrict activity behavior in realtime on its own. Network Enforcer can be configured to block all popular chat clients and messengers that users may use. It can block inappropriate websites you specify. It can block unwanted windows and programs from being ran and used on your network. It can also prevent users from actually typing specific keywords by closing the window they are working in when a keyword is detected - such as a password, filename, username, etc. Network Enforcer can be configured to block higher security level threats immediately, while allowing low security threats to go unblocked - only alerting you after the user repeatedly performs the behavior.

While solutions do exist for robust website blocking, Network Enforcer is a first of its kind solution that goes beyond just website filtering and actually looks at everything users may do, and are capable of doing - and reacts to and blocks them - shutting the door even harder on asset and data leaks, inappropriate behaviors, lost productivity, and more. Why be complacent with restricting one user behavior type, when you can react to them all.

See Network Enforcer in Action!

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